Yahoo’s Biggest Open Hack Event 2010

Yahoo’s 13th Open Hack Day held in Bangalore on the 24th & 25th of July is officially the largest of all open hack days yahoo has ever organized. They had record-breaking registrations and an extraordinary number of hackers at the overnight open hack event, had a turnout of over 600 participants from 16 different Indian States.The Event was held at Taj Resendential, One of the biggest Hotel in Bangalore

Anil Patel, YDN International program manager, adds: I knew this event was going to be different from the moment we opened registration. The fact that almost 400 people registered within the first 24 hours should have set off some alarm bells! Over the next 6 weeks, registration hit the 2,000 mark, with developers wanting to attend from all corners of the country. Using past registration data and drop-off rates as a guide, I accepted the number of registrations that would get us approximately 400 through the door. In the end, I accepted around 1,100; on the day itself, a mind-boggling 578 developers arrived at the registration desk, a much lower drop-off rate than expected. Also, for the first time, we had a high percentage of developers coming in from outside the host state of Karnataka, with some developers flying in specially. One developer came from Indonesia as he missed the one we did in Jakarta.

What exactly is this open hack day?

Yahoo invites over 300 developers to attend this FREE event which will begin with a series of hack-related presentations from some of the Webs most respected developers. Then the attendees dive into 24 hours of hacking using a great collection of web tools, services and APIs from the Yahoo! Developer Network, other APIs and data from around the web. The event ends on the second day with the awards ceremony and some of the best applications developed in the 24-hour event will be showcased.

At Taj Residential, Bangalore

1st Day of the Hack Event kick started with Jeff Kinder, senior VP (media products), Yahoo! explaining how a hack from Yahoo! had become a Yahoo Meme, a micro-blogging site built by Yahoo in Brazil. There were other yahoo developers who demonstrated the usage of yahoo’s API’s and Tools like YAP,YQL,YUI and Geo Technologies.There were other companies – PayPal, Nokia who encouraged developers to use their APIs to create mash-ups. And with PayPals offer of $150,000, many developers were interested.

During the noon time, the attendees or the so called hackers were given 24hrs of time and were asked to form teams and create their hacks/mashups. The hall was full of sound and enthusiasm when the 24hrs countdown started. Food, snacks, coffee and tea were supplied from time to time to keep the geeks awake all 48hrs. These geeks went on hacking overnight without sleep, few were entertaining themselves with Xbox and FoosBall Games.

(photo courtesy: hemanth)

2nd Day of the Hack Event, These Hackers continued creating their hacks looking at the countdown timer which was about to turn 00:00. People were asked to submit their Hacks before 11 AM, Hacking ended with closing talk by Cheryl Ainoa. After Lunch, Hack Demos Started in which People were asked to demonstrate their hacks within the given 90 secs to the Judges. Everyone was amazed at the excellent organization of the two days event. The crowd enjoyed watching the demos with all the applause and whistle sounds.The Demos went up till evening as there were many hacks submitted this time

Judges For The Open Hack Event:

  • Shouvick Mukherjee, CEO of Yahoo! India
  • Prabkhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientist & Head of Yahoo! Labs
  • Cheryl Ainoa, SVP of Global Service Engineering, Yahoo!
  • Rasesh Shah, Technology Evangelist, PayPalX Developers Network
  • Jeff Kinder, Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Media Products & Solutions
  • Anil Patel, YDN International program manager says: “Overnight, around 350+ developers stayed at the venue (again, the highest number we’ve had stay over for any Open Hack). By around 10:00 on Sunday morning, the energy levels started rising again as people started registering hacks. At 10:30, the hack.trackr showed that 40 hacks had been registered. When I came back 30 minutes later, it was 90. Then Christian ran over 30 minutes after that and said it was over 120 — I had to grip the chair in order to fend off the very quick panic attack I could feel coming on! In the end a staggering 110 hacks were presented over a 3.5 hour period. Almost all the hacks were presented within their 90 second allotment, and not one hacker used PowerPoint! Prizes included an xBox, iPod Nanos and Shuffles, and an iPad that was bought from the US (the iPad is not as yet available in India). The winner of the iPad almost fainted when he received his prize.”

    The most impressive hacks among the 110 was selected by the judges and awarded. No matter about the few hacks that won the day, all hacks or hackers are winners as said by Anil Patel, Programme Manager, Yahoo!. The Event concluded with Band Music, drinks, dances and Fun.

    You can see the full list of hacks and the winners here. Take a look at the photos on Flickr to have a glimpse on what happend

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